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Alpha 0.6.5 (released 4/11/2019)

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0.6.5 (The "Mini Update") Release Notes

  • Added several new rooms!
    • New caved SL3 hallway
    • New SL3 machine room
    • New tubed hallway, corner hallway, and three-way hallway
  • Reworked the Tesla Hallway with a new room and new animations - all of the original SCP Containment Breach rooms have been replaced
  • Lighting and graphics reworks across the whole game!
  • Completely reworked the intro animation with a new animation, new foley and new music!
  • New interaction system that lets you have precision where its needed while still letting you evade 173
  • Added NodeCanvas for modern AI using Behavior Trees (like in Alien Isolation)
  • Add SCP-939 back into the game (in a whole new location!) 939 is the first AI using our new behavior trees system with a completely reworked AI using no old code
  • Reworked our database system to centralize it into a database store, which will help both us and the future development of our modding API!
  • Added ragdolls!
  • Lots of new patreon offices & props
  • Some optimizations that should help frames even more on lower end machines
See full changelog (0.6.5 changelog coming soon)

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