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Alpha 0.6 (released 1/25/2019)

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0.6 (OVERHAUL Build) Release Notes

    • NEW: SCP-XXXX: Can you discover the secret SCP and set them free?
    • REVAMPED: SCP-106: New AI, new animations, new creepy looks!
    • REVAMPED: SCP-173: New AI, the statue is no longer omnipotent, but a lot tougher!
    • REVAMPED: SCP-914: Refined chamber, refined sound, refined music, refined everything!
    • REVAMPED: SCP-983: Redefined the entire birthday experience - happy birthday!
    • REVAMPED: SCP-650: New methods of startling the player, including new creepy poses!
    • REVAMPED: SCP-178: Phasing abilities of SCP-178-1 have been removed!
    • And more MINOR UPGRADES to many other SCPs like 330, 553 and 207!
  • COMPLETE REVAMP of the look and feel of the facility thanks to new lighting techniques, props, sounds, and events! The facility has never felt so alive!
  • BIG PERFORMANCE BOOSTS with room streaming and a new baked lighting engine! Stunning graphics with large performance gains!
  • New CONTEXTUAL BLINKING makes closing your eyes for even a moment scarier than ever!
  • BASIC SAVE AND LOAD: Save your items and progression stats and load them whenever you please!
  • DISCORD INTEGRATION lets people know what you’re up to and what has killed you!
  • PATHFINDING SYSTEM has been replaced and updated to support streaming and multifloor geometry!
  • FRESH NEW PDA UI for item and document management
  • NEW basic intro sequence! See the player waking up into the chaos!
  • NEW death screen system! Tells you more about what killed you and is aesthetically pleasing!
  • 2 new and 2 revamped DUCKS! Get ready to be spooked, sliced, as well as to party and appreciate!
  • Many NEW INTERACTIONS with the game world, including MEDKITS, DESK LAMPS, and more!
  • Dozens of NEW AND REVAMPED rooms, textures, materials, models, sounds, music, etc.
  • BUGFIXES all over the entire game (known issues can be viewed in the extras section)
  • And the OFFICIAL AERIE GAMING STUDIOS LOGO now shows up on starting the game!
  • NOTE FROM THE ADMINISTRATION: SCP-939 and the warehouse area have been closed for construction works. Please come back later.
  • Check the full changelog for a comprehensive list of changes
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