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SCP: Containment Breach Unity would not be where it is today without the support of our artists, coders, and other contributors! If you have an interest in game development, and love the SCP universe, why not join our team? We are always looking for new talent to enhance our development process. Check out our open positions below, and click here to apply.

Environment modeler

An environment modeler is responsible for creating the environments of Containment Breach! You would be responsible for modeling rooms and hallways for all the zones in the game - currently LCZ, but eventually HCZ, SHCZ, and more!


  • Experience with blender
  • Previous experience with modeling rooms and environments
  • Able to create around 1 room per week
The new core room, modelled in blender

Scientist model, ready for animation


An animator helps animate our characters and NPCs! Help bring to life some of the most vivid and imaginative SCPs, from the Old Man to the Shy Guy and more! We plan on incorporating many SCPs so animation skills are always in demand!


  • Experience animating (blender preferred)
  • Able to point to examples of previous work
  • Would love: Understanding of how to create animations that work well in Unity

Concept artist

Help our modelers, animators, and developers out by providing stunning art and intriuging designs. Our goal is to make the most immersive SCP experience in this surreal and interesting world, and good art plays a huge part!


  • Knowledge of art fundamentals (perspective, lighting, composition, form, gesture)
  • Artstation profile / other examples of work
  • Understands how to design concept art that can be translated into 3d game environments, models, and scenes
Scrapped concept art examples

Sound designer

Work with our sound team to create the soundscape of SCP: Containment Breach Unity. We are looking for people who are able to work on all sorts of sounds, such as environmental, UI, creature, and more!


  • Experience in sound design (conceptualising a sound, mixing sound elements, bonus for recording)
  • Able to point to or give listening examples of previous work
  • High audio quality, basic understanding of sound for games, flexibility in sound type (creatures, foley, etc.)