All about custom props

Here you can read about our different custom prop tiers. When making a request, if you aren't sure what tier your request would fall under, feel free to ask us and we'll help figure out a solution that works for you!

Tier 1 props (worth 1 point)

A tier one prop is a very simple object

  • Taco
  • "Gamejoy" handheld
  • 173 plush

Tier 2 props (worth 2 points)

A tier 2 is still a simple, static object - but it can be more complex then a tier 1

  • Tank
  • Bottled cancer
  • Boxing gloves

Tier 3 props (worth 4 points)

These can be more dynamic & complex objects

  • Mini nuke
  • Loca cola machine
  • Bell

Tier X props (Cost to be determined)

Very dynamic objects, animated objects, & objects requiring scripting. Note that we will price these very competitively as they involve a lot of work, and we don't want to take time away from the base game development. Nonetheless, feel free to reach out with your ideas!

  • Animated objects
  • Items with special effects (ex - a lightswitch that changes the lighting in your office)
  • Usable item
  • Guns

Additional rules

  • No copyrighted material / material from other IPs
  • Some requests will be too complex even for tier 3 props, and as we are currently a small team, we will request adjustments to bring them inline with tier 3 props, or suggest alternatives
  • We reserve the right to decline a prop request for any reason at any time
  • If you stop supporting, all unused prop points will be wiped out at that time unless you make arrangements with our team directly

Note that when it comes to items, the team reserves the right to decide if the item effect will be allowed or not. Note that items that have crazy effects will most likely make your office 'non lore friendly', if they are allowed at all.